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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Do not buy this book (This from Eric) & Jacob Wetterling

Do not buy this book

The claim that Jerimie Hicks is innocent is a crime in itself. I am from Great Falls, and I remember this case well. Below I have included information from the trial. A person who would shove a child into a wall hard enough to dent the wall is scum, and deserves the prison sentence he got. Please do not allow this author, or the criminals involved, to profit from this local tragedy.


"Hicks, who was alone in the house with Kaelyn when she sustained severe injuries, claimed that he shoved her into the wall out of frustration, but that she was fine after suffering minor injuries. Hicks told police that later the girl fell down the stairs after tripping on their puppy.
Emergency responders and doctors who later worked on Kaelyn that day testified that they did not believe the girl's injuries were consistent with a fall down the stairs."

Here goes . . . lets read between the lines. "Please do not allow this author, or the criminals involved . . . " wait a minute. Eric indicates Hicks was alone then writes this. I attribute it to an emotional response to a lose and get it. This is bigger than a local tragedy. Check this out from a former FBI Agent who also wrote a story highlighting the need for improvements in the Criminal Justice System. You see . . . their are cops out there who call it the way they see it and long for improvements. I am just one of them. So perhaps 'Striving to Be the Best' is just another book that needs bashing.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A former FBI agent who supervised theJacob Wetterling investigation says the agency botched how it first handled the man now considered a person of interest in the case.
(credit: CBS)
(credit: CBS)
Al Garber wrote in “Striving To Be The Best,” his out-of-print 2009 memoir, that the FBI’s encounter with Danny Heinrich in 1990 was a “comedy of errors” and “a bad mistake.”

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