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Monday, November 23, 2015

Drives ISIS

Drives ISIS. You must be kidding. History is just repeating itself. Tip: Why would these animals destroy ancient artifacts and cut off people heads?  Instead of looking for the truth in modern times go read some books of the OLDE DAYS and I believe you will learn some truths.
The Young and Restless lead by rumors in social media spread by the believes of historic events and funded by easy money selling oil (blunder) from the areas they captured and bought by greedier forces looking for and easy profit. Trump is right bomb the shit out of their oilfields as the U.S. has lots of oil under ground and get that pipe line built across the country so we can sell our oil.  Cut off the snakes head and the rest of its body will die. Remember the Gadsden flag, the defiant "Don't Tread on Me" symbol.
Need some more info read this:   http://www.gadsden.info/
You know who this is and is waiting to talk to you about a 3rd book.

Here is a response from the question I posted yesterday. I'm jumping on the opportunity of a lifetime and will be catching a flight out west tonight. Will post hopefully. Gotta keep a lid on identities and what not but am init to learn.

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