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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Knowledge is Empowering

on September 8, 2015
So turns out I'm very familiar with the Hicks case. For him to be portrayed as
innocent in any way whatsoever makes this a work of fiction. The author should
be ashamed of himself for trying to sensationalize a monster who murdered,
and ended up admitting to it, a 3 year old little girl. The state of Montana stands
by and protects his children, so to think Hicks got an unfair "brand of justice" for
murdering a 3 year old is absurd. This is sickening.

'Brand of Justice' is a work of fiction. Agreed? One police officer read the story and claimed it
was non-fiction because it tells it the way it really is. I'm somewhat perplexed as to just how
the story portrays Mr Hicks. I'm of the opinion the world community as a whole stands by and
protects its children. With all due respect, your review would be more meaningful if you had
taken the time to actually read the story. No worries, you could pick up a used copy on
Amazon or Abe Books and I would not benefit monetarily. Knowledge is an empowering thing
indeed. Many thanks Sam. 

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