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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

And so it goes . . . The Death of Innocence

Words like this in the good ol' Star Spangled Banner . . . thro' the perilous fight - rockets red glare - bombs bursting in air - war and battles confusion.

John Wakefield, a soldier on Americas' side shared his thoughts on the Battle of Bad Axe. "It was a horrid sight to witness little childern, wounded and suffering the most excruciating pain, although they were of the savage enemy, and the common enemy of the country." This comment came after the wholesale slaughter of old men, women and children as they fled their homeland across the Mississippi River. The good old Cowboy and Indian Days were really something.

This little girl was Napalmed in the 60's.
Children killed in a Nato airstrike.
Let there be no doubt . . . War is Hell and all involved have their own stories to tell. What does America look like under the 360 Prism? Are we perfect and on gods side all of the time? Look back at them lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner before answering.

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