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Thursday, December 31, 2015

C'mon Man . . . The Sheriff is in Trouble

I had this to say way back in 2014. Now Sheriff Arpaio is being called out for Racism and Contempt of Court. If guilty . . . does he end up in Tent City? Wasn't hard to see this coming. Ego Ego Ego.

Read in March, 2014
FormatHardcover (edit)
ReviewGood for Joe Arpaio for wanting to kick some ass and send the bad guys away to nasty, taxpayer, saving jails. Joe was fighting drugs for 30 years in Turkey, Peru and Mexico but it would seem the fight was lost. I wonder how much that cost the taxpayers. Now we have youngsters who want to get messed up on Ecstasy and dance. Raves. Anyways, I get the feeling Joe would want to send them all to Tent City before he headed home to pound some brandy. I think there is a place for Arpaio, but we have to balance that with some realistic, insightful thinking. Portugal has decriminalized the use of Ecstasy and opened up centers that test the stuff for users. Ecstasy is harmless if it's what its billed to be. In America, we have tough sheriffs fighting the war on drugs and our fellow citizens continue to die. I am not a Molly user but I'm anti-bullshit. All this war on that and toss 'em in jail and throw the key away just gets kinda sickening to me. Lets get real. Lets cut the bullshit. The message here just seems to be too much bullshit. Enough said? (less)

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