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Friday, January 29, 2016

'Compassion Over Killing' The Truth


This 'evidence' was gathered and handed off to the Police and USDA. Animal Abuse allegations which were all denied until the video came out. Right? What do you think? We are discussing accountability and these incidents were occurring on private property so they can do whatever they want. No charges were ever issued . . . nothing like we'll drop charges if Hormel makes a donation to PETA or what have you.

Anyways . . . this just in . . . after this incident another one occured where an employee took some kind of action to minimize an animals discomfort. Entire Story He did it in front of a Department of Agriculture Rep who immediately shut down the plant for a bit. I get why a happy face is planted on this by a Food Processor but how can a public employee (USDA Rep) remain mum? Where's accountability? None, they want you to believe in them as you swallow food produced by them. When you watch this do you get that . . . 'I've been BS'd' feeling? Mister Upton Sinclair . . . the story remains the same. Praise goes out to Compassion Over Killing for the truth and the reader who tipped me off to this atrocity.

Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion. 

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