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Friday, January 22, 2016

Goodreads 2-star Review on Joe Arpaio way back . . .

Look . . . I sensed an enormous ego run amok with Ol' Joe way back in March. Jeez I'm like reading this story about green bologna and Tent City and how much Sheriff Joe has drawn a line against crime. You do the crime you do the time. As I said at the library last night to a group . . . Sheriffs are never elected for their smarts . . . just their image. It works out until they start believing in their own bullshit as an old friend told me. Now old Joe is facing serious charges. Is he going to continue with his stance against crime and demand sometime in Tent City? This is just another example where this blog has landed it's readers way ahead of the pack.

Here's a piece of the Review.
In America, we have tough sheriffs fighting the war on drugs and our fellow citizens continue to die. I am not a Molly user but I'm anti-bullshit. All this war on that and toss 'em in jail and throw the key away just gets kinda sickening to me. Lets get real. Lets cut the bullshit. The message here just seems to be too much bullshit. Enough said?

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