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Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Respond to the Concerns of 'The Policed' after cop beats K9 Partner (Yesterdays Post)

He was charged with assaulting a public safety dog....they still could not bring there self to charge him with assault on a police officer as they would have you or me The County Attorney prefers charges. This man was charged and the system held hold him accountable in the end.

Exactly. ...I truly hate that these brainless, pathetic cops get paid with our tax money. We all must remember there are good to great cops out there. The profession is taking a beating now because of technology and the bad ones are going to be held accountable.

Not all cops are bad, I hope this officer not only gets convicted and does jail time, but loses his job too!!!!! The system never responds the way we wish it would. Did ya notice information is being withheld regarding other behaviors this cop was involved with in the night in question? The Data Practices Law came about because of Nixon abuses but lawyers have had much to much time circumventing it. We'll never know the entire story.

And that would be most of them. Look up Hammond Police Officer abusing his K9, NC Troopers torture dogs as a mater of policy, Sgt. Alan Cockfield on trial for killing his K9 Duke (but acquitted), and my website, www.stoplynching.com An important point here is you are involved and will be a part of the solution. too many watch police stories on TV and then land on juries only to believe what are being exposed as liars.

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