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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oh Where Oh Where has the Accountablity Gone . . .

We've discussed Accountablity by way of technological advances and have seen it roll over police officers. This just in, this site points out another round of players in the system. It appears the lawyers called out are infact guilty as charged so what gives? Check the list out and let me know if I missed any Accountability.

Attorney Perverts
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1► Attorney Stephen Addison of Madison, WI; convicted of public sex act
2► Attorney Gilbert Abramson of Saratoga County, NY; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee
3► Attorney Mark H. Adams of Tacoma, WA; peeping Tom, Pervert
4► Attorney Stephen Addison of Madison, WI; convicted of public sex act
5► Attorney Luis Aguilar of El Paso; potty mouth pervert, Gadaffi Wannabee
6► Attorney Gary Appelblatt of Sacramento; pervert, criminal
7► Attorney Javier Armengau of Columbus, OH; pervert
8► Attorney Frank Astrella of Joliet, IL; pervert
9► Attorney Lawrence Baker of Rochester, NY; pervert
10► Attorney Michael Baker of Encino, CA; serial pervert
11► Attorney Steven Barr of Colorado Springs; pervert, repeat offender
12► Attorney David Bell of New Orleans; pervert, moron
13► Attorney Vincent Bernabei of Beaverton, OR; convicted pervert
14► Attorney L. Frank Bergner Jr. of Aurora, CO; pervert
15► Attorney Arthur S. Block of Riverside, CA; pervert, ethically impaired

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