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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Steve Avery & How Dustin Rowles got it Right!

This is what Dustin Rowles of PAJIBA had to say about Netflixs' "Making a Murder".

It's easy enough to do a Google search and ruin the ending, but the ending doesn't tell the real story, because the real story is about our messed up legal system and how it deprives the socioeconomically disadvantaged and the uneducated of the presumption of innocence

This is how I've been saying it for years. "False Arrest + Prosecutorial Misconduct =  Wrongful Convictions". You see . . . the Ego + Money = Lawyers. Then pit a Poor Person against the endless resources of taxes while being judged by a Jury who have watched endless hours of NCIC . . . BINGO . . . the death of innocence is certain.  

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