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Friday, January 15, 2016

Trump was onto Something; Cruz not so Much

When asked about a news story in the New York Times Trump pointed out . . . "they're always wrong". Chruz stated he was going to make the police our heros again or something to that affect.

This from Brand of Justice . . . The reporters were jumping up and down on how she’d done it. She’d made a simple bumpkin out to be a murderer and gone and went and got him the death penalty. They were saying she done it all to look good. If she didn’t have an accident with the dynamite she’d gotten away with it. It was plenty cold that night she was playing around with the stuff. That makes for unstable dynamite. She was no doubt, going to blow up another judge, so she could get her promotion. No doubt about it, she’d kill to be a judge. She’d killed Rogers already, what was another judge gonna matter any?

So wadda think? Did the reporters get it right? Comments on Cruz's misguided comments coming to a great blog soon!

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