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Friday, February 12, 2016

'Hero' vs 'True Hero'

This is part of a well thought out response to my post yesterday.

Recently I was dressed down by a citizen claiming that all police and firefighters are a waste of public funds as they could never handle a REAL JOB. My public live values kicked in and I thanked the person for their service in paying for my pension and this made them even more in-raged. I guess it has something to do with this being a leap election year.

How soon 9/11 heroes are forgotten.

Okay here goes - with the realization - we could be entering the 'feelings hurt' zone. A soldier in Viet Nam dove on a grenade knowing full well he was going to die to save his companions. Clearly he's a 'Real Hero'.

There were some, as in an office manager in the World Trade Center who assisted others, to get out of the building, knowing his time to escape was vanishing. Some of the firefighters must have met the criteria for being 'True Heros' on that day, but did all of them? Can we say all of the firefighters entering the building realized they were going to die? Perhaps they were relying on their training and following orders. That would simply render them 'in the wrong place at the wrong time' type of 'Heros'.

When truckers are killed in accidents they aren't referred to as ''True Heros' because they gave their life feeding America. Right? I feel some sectors i.e. Police Deaprtments are so busy building memorials and honoring each other that it is simply a self-glorification PR Campaign. Trouble lurks around these notions i.e. Some who are called heros start to believe it.

Great post by-the-way.

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