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Monday, February 1, 2016

Making a Murder

Hey stranger. I love watching what you are doing. Good for you. Just curious if you have seen the Netflix documentary? I have watched it twice. Tell Peggy I said hi.

I've been asked again and again what I think of Netflixs' effort. I'm thinking they are spot on and applaude the film. The issues raised were exactly the motivation behind my writing 'Brand of Justice'. I was a cop. I was wrongfully prosecuted. I was there and it's a driver behind me wanting to shed some light on the need for Criminal Justice Reform. I was yelping about this issue before the President mentioned it. Yes sir . . . I wrote of police sexually assaulting folks, I wrote about cops wrongfully arresting individuals. I was told by stories are dark but could never happen and then along comes them pesky cameras.

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