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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cancer Sucks

So the lady has cancer, big deal or is it. Having had cancer 4 times and lost body parts I am glad to say it has been 10 years almost 11 years since I had my last very large invasive surgery and I am still on this side of the curtain and able to get on with my life. It is not the very active normal life I lived before, but I have been able to do many of the things I enjoy and one is writing.
I have had a great ride in this world and have been mildly successful First book published, the second well on its way with several more in the planning stages. In the event some thing changes and the curtain closes, my kids and grand kids will be able to at least read parts on my presence during my life time.
So keep on keeping on and do not let those evil thoughts creep into the corners of your life, do not dwell on the negative WHAT IF"S, but on the positive WHAT IF'S. Believe me there are more positive things in your world than negative ones. just sit down and make that bucket list and get busy living.

I have to think respect and empathy plays in on this thing called life. You have battled cancer yourself and must realize what an awful process it is. Not only that, but this young lady finished her first book while in the grip of such a dreaded disease. I have had many conversations with her and hope I have been of service in some small way. I love the tone of your third paragraph, but then again, the power of positive thinking only goes so far. Marcie must have boat loads of it to have accomplished what she has.

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