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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just Pissed

Yeah . . . that would be me in the green. Landed in Arizona. I'm training for my big mountain climbing deal in Colorado. I'm hanging out in Sedona climbing Bell Mountain. So me, the author of two pissed-off books about about Criminal Justice Reform is notified today that I'm to serve jury duty in May. The problem is, Arizona isn't in Minnesota. They threaten you with jail and high crimes and misdemeanors if ya don't show up. What do I do? Who knows? this story is unfolding as it developes.

By the way . . . The Prosecutor in that place is the infamous Kristin Nelson of Bill O'Reilly fame for plea bargianing a child abuse case. I know this, I know things, and they . . . 'The System' . . . want me on the Jury?

Stay Tuned.

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