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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

And the Killing Continues

Good luck. Gun Violence killed common sense a longtime ago. Still haunted by them little ones at Sandy Hook who were blown into early graves. The Nation turned a deaf ear to the grieveing parents while passing even more liberal legistation for Gun Lovers. Iowa just passed a law making silencers legal. Perhaps they want Gun Violence in there State to be less disturbing.

Saints coach says gun defenders are hanging onto wrong ideas. ... accident, the New Orleans Saints coach is pleading for more gun control. .... line coach, he had all the tools to become a head coach.


  1. Living in Texas where everyone wants to carry a gun. My boss wears one which doesn't mean I won't argue with him. I hate guns. Wearing a gun puts you at more risk than if you didn't have a gun. If you carry be prepared to kill if you want that kind of trouble. You can own guns but carrying them to work is fucking idiotic.