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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bonnie Bertrang fights City Hall!

Check out the cops and their antics you want a good laugh in Mondovi Wisconsin!

To answer your question from yesterday . . . I guess the story remains the same. Good ole' boys run amok. Experience vs Minimal Qualifications, which were tossed out during the selection process for Chief of Police. This from a good book JusThis . . . 'Corruption is and always has been imbedded into the fabric of governmental systems. When a simple truth is revealed that might be construed as threatening, action is quickly taken to silence the voice of truth. The status quo must be maintianed. Words are used to confuse and impede. The reins of power are held tightly in the hands of a few privileged individuals.' Think about it for a minute. The Mayor didn't play by the rules no matter how ya cut it.

The Male Canidate backed by the Mayor.

Smith has worked for the Mondovi Police Department since 1987, amassing a great deal of experience working with local residents on law enforcement tasks. He also serves as a reserve officer for the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department and was a member of the Mondovi Ambulance Service for eight years.
While Smith has completed training in various police-related subjects over the years and took classes toward a criminal justice degree back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, degree work was never completed.
Committee members explained that current laws require police chiefs to hold a degree, a fact they said essentially excluded Smith from consideration.

The female Canidate

In short, Bertrang obtained her associate’s degree in criminal justice from Chippewa Valley Technical College in 2012, graduating with honors. Prior to joining the MPD force full-time in May 2013, Bertrang worked for the Eau Claire Police Department as a community service officer for about a decade, achieving the rank of senior community service officer.
Pittman clarified that Bertrang’s work for the ECPD was a civilian position concerning tasks like handling stray animals and writing parking tickets.
Bertrang’s application also contained a variety of recommendations from former officers and colleagues, including current ECPD chief Jerry Staniszewski, attesting to her strong leadership and interpersonal skills on the job.

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