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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bill O'Reilly calls out a Prosecutor and I'm on her next jury-not!

Whitewater Rafting in Colorado to standing under a tornado on the west side of Fargo. Man what a life. Now my dear friends it looks like I am to fulfill my duty because I have been tossed into a jury pool. I suppose some consider me as on the good side while others are convinced I am a low down scoundrel. Tomorrow we shall see just which side tosses me off their beloved jury. The prosecutor of Bill O'Reilly infamy or the defense who'll be scratching their heads regarding my looooong police career. Courtrooms are an ugly business but someone has to do it. Guess away and post a comment as to just how long it'll take the players to release me from my sacred duty. Be first and closest to how long I'm in the courtroom and I'll get ya a copy of my current book currently under edits.

Yeap . . . still stunned and seething, but hey, lifes too short to get upset.


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  2. My guess you will be on a jury because you are a world famous author and they are really stupid to call you for jury duty.

    I hope they pick you for some of the drug dudes that ask for a jury trial. I hope they make you the foremen too.

    Go get them my friend and be sure to write a book about you experience as a jury foremen.

    And no worries about the free book as I will pay for one just like I did for the other 2 books that you still have not signed.

    In town and I wait for a meeting with you.