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Friday, May 13, 2016

Cops having a Hard Days Night.

The Police have a hard job to do. Its people like you who make it harder. What is it about Crimainls like child killers you like anyway. If you had kids it would be different.

Okay . . . I did say we'd answer this from within the confines of the assault statute but thanks for your interest. I know the police have hard jobs to do but so do soldiers-miners-firemen and and and. I gotta say it seems to get harder every day. But here's my rub on the issue. There are good ones and bad ones as we can finally see with technology. Should we not hold the bad ones accountable? I thinks so because it makes our Police Effort a whole lot better. I do have kids and hold these beliefs. I was a cop from 1989 to 2008. My advice to you? Go to Amazon and bash a book you haven't read! (Just Kidding). Have a nice one this weekend my friends and enemies and yes, I had a wonderful book signing in Hastings on a dreary day.

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