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Monday, May 2, 2016

Love it . . . Hate it . . . I'm part of The Criminal Injustice System

Man. I have fluttered over this issue, on all sides of the deal. Some are expressing concerns that 'he can't really be on a jury' while others are going 'did I ever really understand what happened to him?' Many kind words expressed for what happened to be at the hands of a sexed up incompetent Police Chief . . . oh wait, sorry. Time to move on. I suppose one could look at him as a great motivator to drive me to the truth.

Great work. You've inspired me to write

He inspired me and I inspired you Shannon. An inspired world is indeed a fine place to languish. Now lets use some of it to stomp out lies and injustice and stupidity.

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  1. This whole court deal is going to get very interesting Im figuring they will walk you ou t the door, the system dont like your type