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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thoughts and more Thoughts

They don't have ya in our library in Sioux Falls. What's with that? 

Many libraries in Minnesota have it and some in Colorado I believe. Can't speak for Sioux Falls but I can say we all need to beware of Criminal Justice Reform.

"Why would anyone ever admit doing a terrible crime they didn't do?" Gross said. "The first thing to note is the risk false confessions goes up rapidly when the suspects are either juveniles or mentally handicapped or both."

Consider this fact. Dub was a young man in Brand of Justice and had many things to consider while being hammered by the police. We always teach our kids to respect authority and go along with it. A parent pointed this out to me after their son had been arrested. Think about that parents, when you send your son or daughter onto the streets thinking 'he'll / she'll never do anything wrong' before they are getting slapped around hard by the system. 

It is impossible to read your last post because your book icons are blocking the text.

Come on get real and pay attention to details.
Still Flapping after all these years

Perhaps, just perhaps it was intentional.

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