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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

JB for Governor?

So I crawl back into town late. I got this jury thing to contend with. Serve or be persecuted. As some of ya know, I've been on the jury like forever but nothing ever goes to trial. It's the old plea bargain thing to the max and is that good for justice? How many are encouraged to not stand up for truth and justice and the American way if they can get a good deal? Scary times for this flag loving land of gun toting 'America is always' right nut jobs. Anyways, I end up in front of a cold beer after drifting from educator party to teacher get together. I'm like revered by 'em for reasons I'll explain later.

Then JB lands next to me on a stool and off we go. This first in the interest of full disclosure. I said it was imparative he purchase a round if he wants to be taken seriously and he did. I'm not talking no Texas bottle tossing Roundhouse here either. I'm at Torges. So what transpires? My 360 look at things. More on this later.

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