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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Blue Buffalo? Really?

Okay so the commercial pans over all kinds of select foods, salmon and cuts of beef and a lady says "My dog is a part of our family so we feed him like one." Now wait a minute here, I checked and Blue buffalo is $52 bucks vs about $20 for 'normal' run of the mill food. Can't this family save $32 bucks and donate it to a worthy cause? Say something that helps out abused animals. We've all seen the commercials depicting sad dog eyes. Or why don't the makers of Blue Buffalo market their product to do-gooders who would love to purchase the different flavors, including duck and lamb, to feed the hungry (humans) in this world. Man a nation that feeds its dogs gourmet meals has an obscene streak in it I tell ya.


  1. Blue Buffalo from cancer what the hell is next you are on a roll my man we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, having a dog as a pet for many years, I understand the feeling of a pet being part of the family. I agree with not understanding the price of the food, or feeling the need to buy into the notion that because you buy overpriced food makes you feel you are a better pet owner. So buy smartly, and donate to other worthy causes.