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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cancer always has been The Enemy

Doug is an amazing man. Please consider his words of wisdom. Really consider them.

Another cancer post. Do a google search for who has done the most to fight for a cure for Cancer. Democrats or Republicans? Post if you know. Search the results. They call Each Other the cancer. What about the cure!!! Has cancer hit you yet? If not, chances are it will. Facebook and all this bullshit over right or wrong in this election bores the hell out of me. So I'm watching all my friends and family fight over who is right. Democrats or Republicans. Fighting over topics that most don't understand or at least I don't. If we did we have no influence anyways. I watch riots and walkouts from both sides. I watch long life friends and family argue to the point of belittling each others right to their opinion. Such separation in our country. So many topics that are so important to so many. John WashGary KroegerCurt KouriCurt RudeHoward KinselVince HowardJames DraegerJames WileyDonna CombsAnthony QuinneyRyan WatsonSami Logan GentlesCindy Samudia. It really doesn't matter who is doing the most when people are dying everyday. People really talk a strong game when they fight for their party. For politicians, it's about votes and support. I guess I'm lucky to be an American. I can carry a gun or kiss a man on my couch. lol. I don't care to do either!! Find a cure. My wife Marcie Zrubek is not the only one with terminal cancer. You can't shoot it and you can't gay it away.


  1. Well I am confused over the last post. Cancer sure is a big worry, but there are some of us that will fight to the finish to stop cancer in their lives.

    I was a 1st responder for more than 34 years and I was exposed to all kind of bad shit and brother it has caused me many deep, dark times when it is something that is attacking me.

    There is a reason it is called one of the silent killers of the human population.

    I am very happy to report that I have been able to face the devil 5 times and walked away to fight another day.

    Regular screening and awareness helps, but it does not take away the fear from within that the next time will be your last fight.

    I kind of think of the days I worked hand in hand with Law Enforcement on a daily basis and yes I picked up some of my friends after there were killed or wounded for doing their duty. Guns do not killed people it is people killing people that needs to be changed.

    Guns do not make any ones life better, just ask any vet or cop if the guns they used on a daily basis help the world become better. Guns are a defensive thing and not a positive influence on our core existence.

    So I tell one and all fight cancer and help save your fellow human beings.

    I hope this does not cause anyone to raise up in arms for me telling them to face the truth.

  2. Mike:

    I'm not sure why you are confused Mike. The topic or question in the post is who really is fighting for a cure for cancer? Democrats or Republicans? At least 250 children under 15 years old died this past year from cancer. They couldn't vote, they couldn't go to the senior prom. See, this is not about Obama or Trump. You made it about guns. Which I guess is also the frustration of my post. Not guns but the division. Just like I stated in the post-Arguing about everything but the cancer. I'm glad you fought through cancer 5 times and beat it Mike. I really am more than you know. I am thankful for your 34 years as a 1st responder and I am sorry you had to pick up Law Enforcement friends who died or were wounded. Mike, my great uncle died at Pearl Harbor on his first mission, I lost an uncle in Vietnam. That doesn't matter when the topic is cancer. I'm not raising up arms because of your opinion. You kinda asked for that in your last sentence of your reply. So you are conservative? OK so where do you stand or or how is your party helping cancer not guns.. That is my point and I can't believe someone who has survived cancer 5 times turns this into a conversation about guns. Wow really? I might have the same opinions as you when it comes to guns or politics. MIKE you beat this cancer five times right? Tell us how. Genetics testing is huge. My wife Marcie has the BRCA2 gene. 14 people in her family have died from the cancer caused by this gene. We found our oldest son carries the cancer gene as well just 2 days ago. You are right Mike - Testing. Because I don't carry a gun doesn't mean I don't have a lot of guns. Mike my wife is not the only one dying from cancer. Your statement how bad it was when it attacked you, well, remember that feeling because millions have that. I sympathize brother and I want you to stay healthy. 628 people have seen the post yet none have guided me towards support for the search for a cure in politics.