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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Medicine not Bombs!

This is a response from yesterday's post.

Well I am confused over the last post. Cancer sure is a big worry, but there are some of us that will fight to the finish to stop cancer in their lives.

I was a 1st responder for more than 34 years and I was exposed to all kind of bad shit and brother it has caused me many deep, dark times when it is something that is attacking me.

There is a reason it is called one of the silent killers of the human population.

I am very happy to report that I have been able to face the devil 5 times and walked away to fight another day.

Regular screening and awareness helps, but it does not take away the fear from within that the next time will be your last fight.

I kind of think of the days I worked hand in hand with Law Enforcement on a daily basis and yes I picked up some of my friends after there were killed or wounded for doing their duty. Guns do not killed people it is people killing people that needs to be changed.

Guns do not make any ones life better, just ask any vet or cop if the guns they used on a daily basis help the world become better. Guns are a defensive thing and not a positive influence on our core existence.

So I tell one and all fight cancer and help save your fellow human beings.

I hope this does not cause anyone to raise up in arms for me telling them to face the truth.

I appreciate your response bigtime to yesterdays post. I believe the comment yesterday is a matter of perspective. For example, U.S. citizens were hammered with an estimated 1.7 million cases of cancer for the year just ended. Yes 1.7! How many died in Afghanistan? 14. Which should concern you more? Under 3000 died in the Twin Towers tragedy. So why are we so war like and pound our Nations budget with defense spending when our medical situation is an absolute mess. Taken as a whole, Terrorism is losing - Cancer is gaining - one precious life at a time. Medicine not Bombs! 

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  1. Cancer is a major killer for sure. So where does the true problem lay? Is the problem with the government who spends billions on war (bombs), with the pharmaceutical companies, or with regulations. It is atrocious that we live in a country where hard working young people have mortgaged their future on their education only to graduate and be unable to get jobs that can offer reasonable insurance. I know that this is sort of rumbly, sorry. Cancer sucks it affects all of us. It should be a priority for not only our government, but those around the world too. Peace out