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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Abusive Amazon Reviews?

This is an example of a one star review left for Brand of Justice. . .

I did not, nor will I, read this book. This man says he attended the trial of Jerimie Hicks? Who he quotes on the back of the book? If he did then he saw video testimony of Jerimie admitting he bashed in a little girls head, and then put her in pajamas and left her upstairs in her bed to die while he tried to clean the evidence. To quote him and portray him as a victim completely sickens me... Mr. Rude the real victim was Kaelyn Serene Bray... She was three... And Jerimie showed his character when he hurt her, and left her injured for hours. How dare you profit from my sisters heartbreak.

Look, I appreciate the point of view of all folks. Some of you have suggested that posts like the one above is not proper. Some feel it merely bashes Brand of Justice. I can understand why you'd say this. If I were to have Amazon strike these posts as abusive, would I not be censoring thoughts about my work? Obviously this individual is pained by the death of a loved one. She expresses her thoughts and I respect her for it. I also respect the opinion of the individual who was convicted in the death of the little girl. His thoughts are on the back of the book and no, he is not a part of the story. 

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