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Monday, March 27, 2017

My Hero of The Week is. . .

Julian Assange. Information is power and this hero provides it to the masses big time. I know some of you my think he is a big fat loser but I can assure you, he is not over weight and he is in it for you. Lawyers have over run D.C. but Julian keeps us appraised of the shenanigans.

Just an example for you'all regards an Native American gal who wanted to do something good. She went on stage for Marlon Brando and read a statement. . . One interesting effect of the brouhaha was that it may have stopped the U.S. government from ordering additional military intervention that would have been highly destructive. Littlefeather's appearance did bring Wounded Knee back into the spotlight; at that point, the siege had been going on only about a month, but the government instituted a media blackout, which in the short-attention-span TV culture of the United States meant that the siege wasn't getting a lot of attention itself. Littlefeather's appearance brought the siege back into the public eye, which meant that now the government had to be much more careful about how they responded to the siege.

Before you step outside your life to do something bold read on. . . While Littlefeather tried to continue acting, she eventually stopped because of the effects of her appearance at the Oscars.

There ya have it.


  1. first u write about a horney cop chief then a serial killer who should have been one i'm down for your next book luv how it starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cindy

  2. Julian Assange is one in the same with the other attention seekers in D.C. EGO driven!!!

  3. Aren't we all driven by ego to some extent?