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Friday, March 24, 2017

My Hero - Your Hero

Anybody have a guess on who my hero is? Why? Please comment on your Hero and why it is so. We'll jump on this come Monday. Have a great weekend. That's an order from an Ex-Captain. Many thanks for all of you showing an interest in this site.


  1. A big fat loser!

  2. Julian Assange came to international attention as the founder of the whistle-blowing Web site, Wikileaks. In 2006, Assange began work on Wikileaks, a Web site intended to collect and share confidential information on an international scale. The site officially launched in 2007 and it was run out of Sweden at the time because of the country's strong laws protecting a person's anonymity. For his efforts, the internet activist earned the Time magazine "Person of the Year" title in 2010.