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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fort Collins Police Chief Hutto stands by Officers

As per yesterdays post, yes, it was big time excessive use of force. Chief stands by the 'man' in uniform who went off his nut. . . which as a professional he is paid not too. 115 pound Michaella Surat has no doubt been pummeled with charges after the body slamming. City will let it all blow over and settle quietly. Charges will be dropped. Officer Bruno will be given a medal. Everyones happy.

Folks in Fort Collins, talk to your kids, thugs done took over your Police Dept! Your daughters ain't safe on the streets of Colorado I tell ya.

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  1. Boy, I do not think her punishment fit the , what if any, crime! It was very disturbing to watch and hear. Somebody PLEASE stop the insanity!!!