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Monday, April 10, 2017

One Helluva Fireworks Display

Let's see here, 59 Missiles at just north of a million apiece, the Russians were warned, who inturn let the Syrians know. They scoot while getting equipment outta there. Planes are already using the runway. The rest of the world watched and did not pay a dime. Many places ask for offerings for July Fourth Displays. I'm thinking we could have fired bottle rockets at 'em from a drone. Would have acomplished the same thing much cheaper. 


  1. The only thing a muslim listens to is a gun or bomb. come on curt

  2. got a problem with killing in the name of god

  3. OH brother, lets not drag God into this. I am pretty sure that it was more about egos than the real tragedy.

  4. The whole thing was "rigged" Russians were tipped off, old unused airport, cronies... all of them in bed with each other !