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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Say it ain't so. . . Shoeless Curt

The only thing a muslim listens to is a gun or bomb. come on curt

I'm going to whole heartily disagree with this comment from yesterday. I mean really. Anyone watch the anguish that plays out in the news everyday from the Middle East?


  1. Sean Spicer is an idiot of epic proportions!!!! I guess according to him, Hitler didn't use chemicals. What a fool, has he not read about concentration camps and gas chambers. He makes me sad, I hope he went to a private school, the public schools already get a bad rap. holy crap!

  2. Does anyone else feel just a little afraid to turn on the news in the morning for fear of what might have happened in the world overnight, or what irresponsible tweets were made? Scares me to death!!!