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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Okay, so Steve Stephens kills a man and them himself. These comments are the end result. . .'I guess black lives matter only if a white cop is involved.' 'Shocked BLM hasn't somehow blamed this on society and the white man.' 'Black on black and no comment from BLM ... unless cops are the killers.' How about it's a tragedy and we're still holding our public servants accountable. This will result in superior policing which benefits us all. Check out Click&Learn and see if you don't agree. 


We can still trust our eyes or did the Judical Establishment snatch that from us? For the law and order types please don't fret, these officers will get their jobs back. That is if past practices are any indication.

There ya go. Keep the pictures coming. I'll post one tomorrow.

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  1. Between Steve Stephens and Aaron Hernandez, the American tax payer was just saved a ton of money. Both of these man introduce tragedy to a large number of people; and cowards both... they could not face the consequences of their crimes.