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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Micheal Slager & Betty Shelby arent convicted but. . . then along came Officer Roy Oliver.

Oh the times they are a changing. You have pieces of The System starting to point fingers. The prosecutors are running to juries. Lets hold our breath and hope better days are in the offing. I agree with the comment below, from yesterday. Well stated. Seems like killing an unarmed kid is going to be tough for even a cop to walk away from. But never underestimate The System that protects its own.

Humanity should never become used to the death, harm or disparaged treatment of others. When we become used to the wrong doings in the world we are on the path to ruin. What we allow... we condone. Sad--- Rise up people --- advocate for those who cannot!!!

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  1. I feel like we, the people, need a strong, intelligent, calm, compassionate, leader. Someone who understands the meaning of advocacy for those less fortunate. Someone with dignity. Someone who we can relate to on a personal level; that isn't to say financial, but values and morals. We need someone who can pull people together, who we can look up to and say with certainty, " He/she can calm our fears, and bring peace."