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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Speak Out

Unlike  in  a  democracy  like  France , etc .. for  "20" 
years  I've  found  most  Americans  too  afraid  of 
the  U.S.  Govt s.  to .. even  speak out !  ?  Such
fear  is  a  sure  sign  of .. dictatorship .

There is certainly some fear going on. It's either the fear of getting sued or having foreign nations come after you. There is hope. Look at the folks in the comments on this blog. They are speaking out specifically against Trump. How about Clarissa Ward? The comment on the bottom is too extreme for my beliefs.

America  would  fly  out  DRONEs  and  BLOW  UP  MANDELA  (along
with  innocent  women  and  children)  similar  to  America's  hi jacked ,
anti-democracy  military  FLYING  DRONEs  INTO  The  TWIN  TOWERs ,
etc ..


  1. Or is the fear of our government. It appears that if you try to investigate the truth at the Executive Level of our government, you are out the door. This seems like the beginning of a dictatorship to me...just saying.


    Way back then drones were toy airplanes kids flew over their city parks and raced them for fun. Even now Drones are not really big enough to take down the World Trade Centers. I think you need to find a better brand of booze to snort.

    As Always you know who Curt Rude.