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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Cost of Officer Roy Oliver

Tell me. . . tell me someone. . . that I'm wrong here. Good ol' Roy is allowed to 'hit' the streets and be a part of the Balch Springs, Tx finist. Then goes off his nut in a court of law, from the stand and scares lawyers. Anger Management issues. Actions speak louder than words. It looks to me like he failed this course bigtime. Then he's disrespectful to civilians. Can't communicate verbally or in written form. Next we give him a loaded gun and send him to an underage drinking get together. Why not just put uniforms on pitbulls? It'd be cheaper. Pitbulls can't shoot. Fingers crossed on this, other mean dogs have been allowed to walk. Michael Slager anyone?


  1. U just did pitbulls a great dishonor LOL Where can I get your books?????????????

  2. They need to have better screening process. Weed out the heavy handed nut jobs.

  3. Whats worse, a nasty cop or sinister muslim fighter?