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Friday, January 11, 2013

KIMT TV Link  Thanks goes out to my old friends as well as my new friends, for a great evening in Albert Lea. Email me, you all know by now that I love discussing my book, career and the importance of learning from heinous acts. I'd love to get together with book clubs and what not. As per past requests, I'll make attempts to contact you folks come Monday. If I don't, no disrespect intended, consider it a slip of the mind. E-mail me. Peace! Let's partner up and do what needs to be done to avoid the next Steubenville!

Side-note . . . as per a reoccurring question. I was not an FBI Agent, I was selected and graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. While there I studied predatory sex offenders  serial killers and such. I'm getting older I can see.

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