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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To Think or Not to Think

So I'm closer to Canada than I am Minnesota with Mr. Notorious. The amber solution is some sort of concoction distilled from corn with recipes older than the white pine. Ahhh yes, but must one not travel towards the south to come up with this stuff? Nope, seeing is believing my friends. So there, ya learned something, moonshine isn't just for the folks south of the Mason-Dixie Line. And to think, it comes in canning jars!

This is the latest review of JusThis posted on Amazon . . . Fabulous! What a fascinating book, on so many levels. Curt Rude’s years of experience as a police officer gives him insight into human behavior and physic to draw from as the lies, deceit and deceptive behaviors of his characters unfold. Also, his descriptive writing about police situations could only be gleaned from his personal experiences. He does not shy away from describing the good, the bad and the ugly of human nature and the emotions involved in human interactions.

The story line is interwoven with the chief of police’s denial, self-importance, self-preservation, betrayal, ego and ability to compartmentalize feelings that destroy the lives of those he bound by pledge to protect.

At times you think you know where the story is leading you, but it keeps changing direction right to the very surprise ending. There is a theme involving birds that is interesting, especially as it weaves through the storyline.

JusThis - what a fitting title. I cannot wait to read what Rude writes next.

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