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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Know the Setting of your story . . . really know it.

Now that you've dreamt up a story and come up with characters you have to know the setting where it's gonna take place. This is what I did while tackling my recently completed manuscript as told with pictures. Pictures are worth a million words after all.

I headed out towards Rattlesnake Hills looking for some venomous snakes. Too hot, but I did find one huge Bull Snake.

I ended up in the Death House and hung out just as condemned inmates did.

Twenty Two yr old Andrew Pixley was gassed in 1965 for raping and killing 12 year old Debbie and her 8 yr old sister Candy. He woke them before killing them because he got off on his victims agony. He laughed at the Judge while being sentenced to death and it took him the longest in Wyoming history to die in the Chamber.

I sat in on Andy Pixley's world getting to feel some of what it felt like to be him in his last moments on earth.

Door is shut and I await my fate.
Well there ya have it. My last story was called a 'Creeper' book because of the sickening presence of Chief Badge Pullet. Some had a hard time believing a chief of police would behave like this and then along comes New York Mayoral Candidate Weiner . . . you see, I was just a little ahead of my time with JusThis, a sordid twisted tale of one disgusting police chief.

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