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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stay Thirsty my Friends!

And the answer is . . . Sydney Leathers has brown eyes, mine are blue. She starred in a Porno, I wrote JusThis as well as a soon to be released tale of a young man's struggle with upside down law enforcement. All of the above can't be right so there ya go . . . The answer is, we both told the truth about sex in the social media. I said all along, The Truth and Nothing but the Truth!

So twelve guys rape two women in Wilmington Delaware yesterday. "Cpl Crawford pleaded with the offenders "Take accountability, step up, turn yourselves in so that we could move forward." Is this cretin serious? Or perhaps he's just incompetent. Just north of Normal, we had a shooting in a parking lot. I think something like three were shot. The Sheriff is like on the Boob Tube (I'm not making this up) ready to burst into tears because no witnesses would step forward and help her do her job. What was she doing? Playing CSI scouting the lot for DNA. She never solved this shooting. Just think, we keep hiring and voting these folks into the system and we're like wondering why it appears that the bad guys are winning!

Had a question posed a couple of posts ago. How can you skate all over the country? I choose to invest my time and money to do this. I am determined not to waste away in front of the TV or aimlessly wander around a Mall. You ever see people on sitcoms brain draining into a TV. Nope, that would be boring so wake up people . . . do something, anything because baby, you only have one chance to kick this pig called life. Let me hear it squeal.

Feel free to post your questions, rants or just plain BS on this site. You can do it anonymously. . . go for it. Don't be afraid, be heard, it's our only chance.
Coffee shop in or near New Mexico keeping in contact with you.

                     Stay thirsty for knowledge my friends, it's are only chance.


  1. Love you at Winona Stae, picked up the book. It reads like it's real . . . how much is? Thank you and good luck jumping out of the plane.

  2. Well, come on already, which one are you from the audience? I see you do the dot to dot thing like I do. Good for you. Nope, haven't did the plane thing yet because a certain Warrior is suppose to provide me with the necessary info. Thanks for the post, I usually get a ton of emails but no posts!