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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Conversations with Lincoln

Another review left on Amazon and many thanks . . .

My husband and I read this book and loved it!!!!!!! Curt is a great story teller and "oh so believable!"
We felt that we knew the characters festering in "normal". We are all for " Jus This" Bravo Curt!
Now as I was saying, no, I'm not Bono, no, I wasn't the officer assigned to your security detail and no, I never saw 'My American Cousin'.

And now it's time for the daily joke . . .

What's the difference between God and a judge?

God does not think he is a family court judge.

Okay, so ya wanna write a novel. We've discussed the merits of me having done it so you can do it. Then we pondered the storyline & characters. So what's next? Find yourself an editor you can work with and listen, listen, listen and then it's time. Oh sorry, that's what is known as a cliffhanger, I want to have you bop back tomorrow so you'll just have to wait.

Yesterday I'm like hanging out in Moorhead, and I've always said to each his own, live and let live and all that crap. Anyways, I encountered a very hairy 6 foot fellow in a skimpy green bikini and construction boots. I waited at a red light with him. I didn't figure he looked very comfortable in his get up, but hey, I hadda file that away in the memory bank I tellya. One never knows when they just might need something like that popping up in a story. Truth is stranger than fiction and people come in all kinds of shapes and sizes!

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  1. How do you skate all over this country?