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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lesson 2

We all look at the world according to our mindset. So here goes, I'll keep this short. When you have an encounter with a cop remember they have no idea you're a wonderful person who's only having a bad day. Perhaps getting a ticket brings out the bad in you. Don't vent and let the cop have it. Keep your hands on the wheel and ask for permission to reach in your purse, under the seat or in the glove compartment. In case you haven't noticed, cops are becoming increasingly militarized and they wanna go home at the end of a shift. Don't admit to any possible wrongdoing either, perhaps later, on you figure you disagree with the charges and wanna be heard on it.

The DC shooting this week was one of them unfortunate cases where the officers did everything they could to address a situation and then, and only then, they resorted to deadly force. The lady driving the vehicle was certainly out of control. Could you imagine what could've happened if she was allowed to drive at them speeds with so many folks present? Nope, deadly force isn't nice but hey . . . we aren't living in a nice world any longer folks.

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