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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Working with the Best to deliver the Best!

My first story, JusThis, happens everyday. My second, Brand of Justice involves a high schooler who is boxed in by the criminal justice system and considers responding with violence. Knives, guns and bombs. How does he do it? What does he have to overcome to pull it off? Could it happen? Yes-Yes & Yes.

I've employed the skills of some of the best in the industry. Take Gary, he's one of the best out there. I loved collaborating with the best. The cover art is top notch. The book designs and distribution channels are tops in the industry. Carolyn Sween anyone? Joy Sillisen?

I felt from the get go these stories needed to be read. I've worked diligently with the likes of Book World and Higgins Bookstore to keep prices down. I am currently working with the Austin Public Library to enroll Brand of Justice into its e-offerings. I have Justice on the shelves of many libraries.

The following review is attached regarding Gary and his work on our project.

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Gary Anderson is a freelance writer, editor, manuscript analyst, and musician. His work has been featured in more than fifty publications over the years, and he written the Wit and Wisdom column in Iowa REC News, reaching more than 100,000 readers, since 1996.

Final comment. I'm on a flight from San Fran to Minneapolis. 70 versus -17 degrees below. I'm kinda wondering why.

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  1. rude you rock!!!!!!!!!!!! ni got on Brand and shit. cops mess up big time Tinky got rolling Im scoring Justice. You okay dude