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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Officer Safety + Police Perils = Brand of Justice!

Why write a book? There any money in it? I didn't do it for the money. As a former cop I wasn't ready to just fade away. I have a message for folks from all walks of life. It involves Police Perils. Cops are learning all about 'Officer Safety'. Isn't it about time you and yours learn a thing or two about 'Police Perils?'

In the mean time I've had an absolute blast with readers. I've talked sentence structure with editors and received snail mail. Ohhh . . . saw-eeet! 

Got a card from Denver Colorado this morning.

This is the awesome Mrs Saturn. I'd have never bumped into her if her daughter didn't want to read my book on a flight to Arizona. 

Longtime english instructor/editor who has dealt with my questions mornings, noon and night. 'Hey Bob . . . what's the difference between maybe and may be?' I had a sore back and stormed down to HOM Furniture and picked up a Tempur Pedic and my personal wordsmith helped drag it into my place!
I'll get on all your questions you've been tossing at me regarding Police Perils. I've seemed to struck a nerve. I've proclaimed today as a fun in the snow day cause it's all gonna be water before we know it.


  1. A friend of mine from Austin recommended that I read JusThis. I have always had an interest in crime novels and coming from a retired cop it makes you wonder how much of this is true... Kinda scary. I couldn't put the darn tablet down! Just bought Brand of Justice... I know what I will be doing while drinking my green beer tonight!

  2. Thanks much for the interest. Any questions, what not, don't hesitate to ask. I respect my readers. Oh, I heard, green beer goes just fine with Brand of Justice.

  3. Oh, please leave a Review when your done. It'll help other readers decide if this book is for them.

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