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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kajieme Powell


Kajieme is acting strange. Police are called and shoot him to death. The police were told the man was armed with a knife. They have been trained to know a man armed with a knife can kill quickly. A training video comes to mind . . . 'Edged Weapons'. They document the man was holding the knife in an overhanded manner. When he was within 3 or 4 feet of them they fired and killed the man. The Chief backs up the officers in the media big time.

Then a pesky video shows up. We've already been discussing the changing times and what all these cameras mean to law enforcement. I can not see any knife but certainly don't observe any knife being brandished in a overhanded manner. His hands are low at his sides. I'd have to think Kajieme pulled a knife out of his pocket and was approaching the officers. The officers claimed to have fired only after the man was 3-4 feet from them. It looked farther than that to me, but then again, I wasn't being approached. Why no warning shot? That's confusing Hollywood with real world policing. Cops aren't suppose to fire 'warning shots'. I have to conclude that some . . . 'Creative Report Writing 101' . . . was used by the officers to protect their interests however. They're just justifying their actions I'm thinking. I'm not sure why they went to the lengths they did to make it appear like the perfect scenario for lethal force.

I've asked for thoughts about this incident from officers who are Facebook Friends. I've gotten no response. They're the very officers who are all over social media regarding being heroes, honor guards and whatnot. One officer did tell me he thought the officers could be in the soup when I bumped into him yesterday.

Consider this from my first book, JusThis . . .
Corruption is and always has been, imbedded into the very fabric of governmental systems. When a simple truth is brought forth that can be construed as even a little threatening, actions are taken. The voices of truth are silenced. The status qua must be maintained. The Good Old Boys Club. Words and thoughts are used to confuse and impede. The system takes care of those who serve it. Taxes have to be collected, money has to be spent and the decision makers must maintain airs of perfection. The reins of power reside in the hands of few. What a shame the politically accomplished are human and not perfect.

Rest assured, it's going to be more difficult for those who hold the reins of power to have to explain why seeing isn't believing. Good things in terms of accountability are on the horizon. But . . . how many more have to be beaten and killed before we see some of these improvements?  

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