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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shooting in Austin. Can the Chief handle a Press Conference? Don't bet on it!

Yesterday I mentioned a Chief and his inability to perform his duties. He is very inexperienced and refuses to educated himself on matters regarding public service. Oh sure, he studied manuals and came up five star bars to pin on his uniform so he looks the part. But it's the same ol' story when push comes to shove. I'm thinking the Press Conference will be handled by someone other than the Chief.

Yesterday I pointed out that this Chief was referencing DNA to solve crimes where DNA would never be used. I mentioned how his fella botched a Press Conference regarding a robbery. He should have refrained from using police lingo and described the suspects and asked for input from the community instead of concentrating on putting all kinds of yellow tape around the crime scene.

A reporter told me that the Chief acts like a deer in headlights. An officer told me when the Captain takes off and the Chief is left to run the department that he comes up with all kinds of goofy stuff. The officers bid their time with the knowledge that the Captain will straighten things out upon his return.

On the good side, this Chief is morally sound and conducts his personal life beyond reproach. He's just naive and has no idea how to be a Chief. I'll let y'all know how this plays out. 

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