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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Minneapolis Officer Rod Webber & This Response & My Defense of WCCO

This blog is certainly 'out there' and I respect all opinions. I have to admit I don't like the tone of this message. I mean . . . you break a law and then get what the cops figure you got coming? In this case the kids didn't steal the car but Officer Webber threatens the kid with a felony assault? We still maintain our officers are our 'communities finest' right?

WCCO is in the business of reporting and news sources routinely attempt to get a comment from the other-side (Police) and mums the word. So isn't some news better than no news? I mean . . . I get it . . . the media is limited in their ability to get it right but nobodies making anyone watch it.

Score another one for Social Media . . . Positive Change is in the offing!

Again with one sided biased reporting. This "kid" has a long crimminal record and just two weeks later was arrested for stealing a car from a rental company at the airport, part of an ongoing scam. While making threats to a minor is not the right way to treat anyone, no matter how much of a scum bag they are, only tellnig half of the story puts WCC ZERO in the same category as the officer. If you want honest and unbiased reporting, read more than one web site. If you like your news falling over to the left and anti white, you came to the right place...


  1. sounds like your on the darkside somewhere to the left

  2. Nope . . . I'm straight down the middle and all about 'Truth & Justice' for better Tomorrows.