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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Cop Trainers

Ended my give and take trainers this morning. Great ideas and concepts tackled. I hope our time together makes a difference.

Sample of Questions . . .
  1. We can drive and text because we are trained. You are trained? Where did you receive the training? Are you certified? Well no but . . . Well no not but. You are of the law and not above it my friend.
  2. Your books tell it the way it is but do you think people need to know? I wouldn't have written them if I had any doubts. My books counter all the BS on TV that put undue burdens on cops. the good ones and the bad ones.
  3. Are you for us (Cops) or against us? I'm for good honest decent cops who realize they are not perfect and go to work to do their best.
  4. How come you think you know it all? Because I couple 30+ years with top notch training.
I finished up with my own question. Just think . . . today the worst cop in the world is putting on a uniform and reporting for duty. Do you want to be that cop?

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