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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Officer Micheal Brelo Dodges a Bullet

Thirteen officers fired at the car after a 22-mile high-speed chase that involved 62 marked and unmarked cars and reached 100 mph. Brelo was the only officer charged; prosecutors said he waited until the pair was no longer a threat to fire his final shots.

Gosh, Officer Brelo gives up cover, jumps up on the hood of a car and pumps 15 rounds into Russell and Malissa Williams. I mean this guy fired his weapon 49 times my friends. The Judge isn't comfortable with which officers did the actual killing. Can you imagine? . . . a defense strategy built on the fact that a whole bunch of bullets from a whole bunch of officers did the killing. Now what? In the next gangland killing, if a large number of "Bloods" pump a ton of lead into a rival gang-banger and one of them jumps on the hood of a car to do more shooting does he walk?

Whole lot of lead flyin' into a whole lot of flesh and there ain't a whole lotta common sense in the vicinity.

So the moral of the story must be  . . . make sure your car is not prone to back-firing and if you see red lights pull over already.


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