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Friday, May 8, 2015

What Killed Freddie Gray

In a nutshell, here goes my thoughts on Freddie Gray. He is arrested for nothing though the Supreme Court declared the establishment of probable cause if one makes eye contact and runs from cops. But wait a tick, a person has the right to resist a false arrest in this land of the free and brave. Now we have the cops jumping up and down because Freddie had an illegal knife.

Now for my assumptions . . .

  1. Freddie Gray was demonstrating his frustration with being picked up for nothing. Banging on the sides of the Paddy Wagon and what not.
  2. The Wagon makes an unlogged stop. Interesting. Leadership is present, a Lieutenant, Sergeant were involved. A female officer is present as well as three black officers. Looks like a person could wonder if the officers felt like Freddie needed an attitude adjustment.
  3. Then I hear of a spine 80% damaged. I suppose one could wonder if Freddie was slammed against the wall of the Paddy Wagon. I heard something about a bolt that was protruding from the side of the Wagon. So what do ya think? An accidental death?
  4. Police are suppose to enforce the law; not dish out punishments for infractions. I mean god help us if we have one branch of government which usurps authority and morphs into judge-jury and executioner.
  5. At this time I'm leaning toward the old saying "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power killed Freddie Gray". It was the old street justice crap and now you have cops looking for a technicality to get off. Sad . . . at one time cops always hated 'criminals' who got off on technical points of the law. Where's Dirty Harry when ya need him?
Enough said? I was called for Jury Duty. I contacted the Judge and said really? . . . There ain't a prosecutor in the land be comfortable with me in a courtroom. I know how it works. The Judge agreed and excused me. Just saying, the System of Injustice is alive and well though we are seeing cracks for the first time. 

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