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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Pope Visited a Prison and so did I . . .

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The information in and around this book is based on lies.
The hicks family, who Mr Rude holds so highly, wants nothing
more than for their sociopath son to be released. They have gone
 to great lengths to help him including cleaning up the crime scene
of the three year old girl he murdered! everything that happens to
Jerimie Hicks and his sick family is deserved and does not come close
to equalling the brand of justice they deserve! Go back to drugs mr. RUDE,
at least those delusions are explainable.
There is no explanation for profiting from the murder of a child!
Shame on you Mr. Rude! Kaelyns momma.

I cannot and will not be drawn into an exchange with a mother who 
lost her child. I admire you . . . Jessica . . . for signing your post. 
So many are too fearful to stand behind their thoughts. I obviously 
stand behind this story that has helped many since its release including 
a young lady who was confronted by police in North Platte, Nebraska. 
I was not aware of any diagnosis of sociopathic tendencies regarding
 the Hicks family. I'm confused on the matter of cleaning up the
 crime scene. Was the scene not protected by the investigating officers?
What brand of justice does the Hicks family deserve? 
I recently was involved in a benefit for heroin addicts in an attempt
 to be a part of the solution and would go back and do it again.
 Profiting from the murder of a child? I want to understand it, 
to consider all view points, in an effort to avoid another incident like this. 
I want to highlight the sense of lose all felt including the 
Hicks family, the Bray family, and to all touched by this 
senseless tragedy.

The Pope went to a Prison, not to judge but to be compassionate. 
I went to Great Falls to understand many different viewpoints
 and am not sure of the 'holds so highly' comment. 
To be sure, I am very sorry for your lose.

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